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Finding a Certified Lash Tech!

As a lash artist I have met so many women who have been disappointed with their first lash experience. Their disappointment stemmed from a “lash artist” who was not properly trained in applying lash extensions. I always preach the importance of finding a licensed lash professional because a bad lash experience is not the business. I have lost count the amount of women I have seen wearing “cluster lashes” and calling them eyelash extensions. So what are cluster lashes?

Lets begin with cluster lashes ARE NOT the same as lash extensions. Cluster lashes are premade fans with multiple eyelashes on them, you can find them at your local Walmart or Target. The problem with cluster lashes is that they are applied to multiple eyelashes at once and the bases are so bulky it starts to cause follicle tension. Lashes grow at different stages and that tension from the clusters will cause premature lash loss, which can often lead to permanent hair loss. 

Lash extensions is a luxury service. The price of this service is on the higher end because of the time it takes for the application, the cost of the products, and the cost of training to be certified. If you see lash extensions for a VERY low cost, you should be alarmed. That is a very BIG RED FLAG. 

You want to find someone who is licensed AND certified! Look for that cosmetology or esthetician’s license right off the bat- NO MATTER WHAT. The certification is just as important as the license. Just because someone is licensed to practice beauty, doesn’t mean they have experience to offer lash services. Ask to see pictures of their work, especially close ups. 

Here are some reminders to keep in mind before you get lash extensions:

1. The price of the service should be between $100-$300 for the initial set. Fills should be between $55-$120. Prices vary depending on classic or volume lashes. 

2. The appointment time should be between 1.5 - 3 hours for a full set. 

3. Lash extensions should NEVER hurt. If they do, they were applied wrong or they are twisted because of the grow out. 

4. Make sure the lash tech is certified and licensed ALWAYS. 

5. Lash fills are every 2-3 weeks, sometimes 4 weeks to maintain them.

Thanks for reading. 

XO Jessica 



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